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05/14/2014: Odalis is our newest rescue. She is a Standard Poodle and she is severely emaciated, anemic and she is covered with Sarcoptic mange. She is at the clinic where she is taken care of and boarded. She has a long road ahead of her to recovery. She is a sweet girl, regardless of having been so severely neglected.

05/12/2014: Yogurt, our little disabled Maltepoo puppy, will go to Texas A&M on May 22, 2014. We needed $3000 for a MRI and spinal tap to find out why he has such severe nerve damage. We already know it was caused by trauma, but we want to find out where exactly is the injury and if it is curable. We raised funds for Yogurt and within hours, 115% of our goal was reached. We will post an update after the visit at the neurologist's clinic at Texas A&M.

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